Living in Utropia
A blog about a vlog.

This issue had to be the incest to work on. I had a lot in before the weekend and on Wednesday I could actually plan the next culture section. I’m proud of both the layout and the cover. We’ve already had some positive feedback.

On Friday, 02.03, a historical event has taken place. Cam, Kjetil and me have made the first Utropia podcast. I have to admit that my role has been a bit passive. It was Kjetil’s “baby” – he had an idea of doing some kind of cinema video-blog since last semester. I guess he’s found an advocate in Cam, that apparently is not a novice in this domain. My role was to give them green light. Believe me – it wasn’t easy, because I knew it meant that I would have to leave the cozy desk and allow myself to be exposed. however, it’d be stupid of me not to notice that vlogs are the future of journalism. Especially a student newspaper like Utropia should be on the cutting edge.

Have I mentioned already that I’ve never watched any vlogs? They bore me, at least the ones I’ve seen. I’ll have to explore a bit.

Video is a new medium to me. It’s fascinating to work with it and see how expressing your opinions verbally is different from writing them down. I have to admit that I was always more of a writer than a talker. Challenge taken!

Moreover, after a few “takes” I entered into the role of a speaker/announcer and started enjoying what I was doing. I also understood how much more comfortable I felt with a script. Point taken! My only fear now is, except seeing myself recorded, that I behaved like a TV-persona from 90’s, because I think that this is what I was channeling! Crap!

—- Barbara L.