Living in Utropia
Girls on film

Okay, so it’s actually one girl and one guy (Barbara and Kjetil respectively), not my fault that Duran Duran didn’t write a song that involved genders on celluloid.

It’s been almost a full working week since we started broadcasting Filmkamp across the web. Featuring now on both youtube and our website, it’s the start of a new avenue of media for Utropia. One which I hope will continue. The first shoot did a good job of injecting at least us three involved with a desire to do more, it’s now a question of making the practical side work.

A lot was learned from the first tape. It needs to be no more than 5-10min., the set design could do with an actual design and something needs to be done about the sound. Sadly, the latter case cannot be helped all that much due to the limitations of equipment.

(at this point in the blog entry, I would like to hold out my hat for any donations that’ll go towards buying more video equipment. :-) )

But we’ll try some tricks next time to see about getting around that problem nonetheless.

—Cameron T.