Living in Utropia
Journalism and Photography courses is a great way to spend the weekend.

This week we had a journalism and photography course. Friday and Saturday were very intensive.

I can’t wait to exercise the slow-sync photos! They’re cool and magazinish and there’s a lot to play with when you take them. As for composition I get it, but I’m usually too impatient to perfect it. Thus, I’m more on Tor’s side. Maybe it’s because I usually take concert pictures and struggle to capture the atmosphere of the gig rather than think of composition. I also underexpose pictures to get the colors of the light show and because until recent my camera had a maximum of 1600 ISO. I know that all the amateurs out there have better cameras, but on the other hand, how many of them managed to take a newpaper-acceptable pictures of Sivert Høyem. And I didn’t have to make them black and white to hide the noise!

I’ll probably perfect my portrait photography and composition now. I like challenges…

—- Barbara L.