Living in Utropia
We’re all afraid of something…

I had no idea what to blog about this week but then suddenly it just came to me like a bolt from the blue: Fear.

We’re all afraid of something. Spiders, trucks, avalanches, electronics. Actually, we’re dead scared. It may be of something tangible and everydaylike. It may also be of something unknown and often it is of the future. And don’t even get me started on people’s fear of relations!!

Some are afraid of committing. Some of getting hurt. Or hurting others because they may start expecting too much of us. 

And I think everybody is afraid of what other people may think of us.

Now, what am I(!) afraid of? Well, sharks. Fires. Ending up in a wheelchair. And one of my big fears these years is that I may disappear into the pool of ‘the lost generation’ of freshly educated academics who will NEVER get into the job market as there are no jobs for us now, and when jobs become available in some years then the even more freshly educated will take them from us as we have ‘expired’ degrees and still no work experience to add to the resumé… 

And I’m afraid of ending up alone.

One of my friends grabbed one of her fears by the throat 6 months ago. She was afraid of heights and started climbing at Kraft. Now, she has overcome her fear of heights. I’m not saying that we should all try to overcome every single fear that we may have. But at least we should ask ourselves this question:

We’re all afraid of something, but are you letting your fear(s) control your life?

—- Sally R.