Living in Utropia
A Week in the Name of Mingling and Debating

I’ve had an amazing week of interviews, statements and mingling. On Tuesday, I was actually the one being interviewed… A fellow student of UiT was being interviewed by NRK and wished for me to be a part of it too so that she and I could debate an important issue while the NRK-film crew would capture our conversation. It ended up being for almost 4 hours and at 5pm, still trying to make good use of my breakfast, I was pretty done for. Such an interesting and great day! And I’ll be looking forward to seeing if I did actually manage to say something clever when it is being aired in August/September.

Monday and Wednesday, I conducted 8 interviews with UiT students about stereotypes. This was another very interesting and fun experience - and indeed I got to hear some of the things respectively Northern and Southern Norwegians actually think about one another, haha.

Thursday and Friday, I was at the conference Digitale Nabokjerringer and those two days proved packed with interesting lectures and debates, and one of the most important things at conferences: Mingling! I met some very interesting people and had great conversations. It feels so good to do this again; I got acquainted with a fair few influent people within Indigenous Studies when I was studying in Western Australia, and it feels nerdy in a great way to do the same thing here in my own hemisphere :)

But after a week of socialising soooo much, no wonder it feels really nice to sit at home in solitude cos even a social being like me needs a bit of alone time, sometimes :)