Living in Utropia
RIP Filmkamp… Helllooo Premiere Pro

The keyword for the moment is “NEW”. New semester, (some) new editors, and most important… new computers with NEW SOFTWARE.

And not just any software mind you. We got the Adobe Master Collection CS6! That’s right, fawn over us here at Utropia; I can hear you salivating. And while the list of programs is near endless, it doesn’t put me off. I plan to make use of everything there. And I’ve started already with Adobe Premiere Pro. It is certainly a step up from the iMovies that I was using before. Though lots of frustration trying to understand how it all works. But that didn’t stop me from editing our VERY FIRST VIDEO INTERVIEW for Check it out on our homepage or here on youtube:

But with all this goodness coming our way at Utropia, there has also been sadness- namely, Filmkamp. Started at the beginning of the Spring ‘12 semester, we made 5 glorious episodes with appalling sound before summer. They were time-consuming, but fun; they denied me a social life, but only because the process was so engrossing and rewarding. I will miss you Filmkamp, now more than ever as we finally have decent sound equipment.